Gravity Forms Notifications ... "How Easy Was That?"

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

While working on Challenge Island's Franchise website (, we noticed that their forms don't have an auto email response! Yes, it was a simple oversight since the admins always received the default notification and reached out to the users submitting the forms. However, when you think about it, as users, we all expect an email when we submit a form confirming that it was received right?

We went to fix this by adding notifications that would go out to the users. Gravity Forms made it so easy and it was such a great relief to know that we can customize, personalize and even create routing configurations with such ease!

Because we simply wanted to set up a confirmation email, we used Gravity Form's notification tool to send out a personalized email where the first name, last name and type of request is listed. We added a simple message that we would get back to them within 24 hours as well as a request to follow us on social media with links to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Although this is a simple task, it makes a huge difference in the user experience!

Here is the video that helped us find out how to configure Gravity Forms quickly!

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