WordPress and SEO - YOAST plugin

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to use YOAST for a client's WordPress website. Of course our goal was to ensure that we have good titles and descriptions for each page which YOAST helped us accomplish seamlessly. Although with YOAST's free plugin, we were able to manage much of what we needed we were curious about YOAST premium and whether it was worth the investment. Here is what we found:

Keyphrases and Keyphrase Suggestions

Having the ability to add multiple keyphrases and synonyms to these keyphrases is a game changer and we definitely saw the benefit in our SEO traffic.

Tracking content

We loved how the tool tells us what our most recurring words are. This gives us a great indication on how our content is influencing search and vice-versa. We now have the ability to edit our content knowing what we are aiming for and how to adjust our messaging in order to gain maximum visibility.

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